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Boat ride at Formoso River -  Bonito MS - Haroldo Palo Jr
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Nature in Brazil Fishes in Bonito - Daniel De Granville
Macaw - Haroldo Palo Jr


05/05/2009 - 15h48

Reforestation in Brazil




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The area between Bonito and Campo Grande is chosen by the non-profit Greatest Planet as a sight for reflorestation. This project will be one of ten carried out by Greatest Planet, a company who sells carbon offsets to individuals and companies, to combat climate change:

The Belo reforestation project will reforest an area in Brazil of some 1,025 acres between Campo Grande and Bonito.

It will sequester 125,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, making it one of the finest reforestation projects in the world. The newly restored areas will also form habitat corridors for wildlife, and provide local jobs and eco-tourism opportunities.


This project, in addition to sequestering carbon dioxide emissions, will restore native species to the area and protect over 100 threatened species, helping to restore the natural habitat.


Source: Greatest Planet

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