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Macaw - Haroldo Palo Jr


17/12/2010 - 14h33

Bonito is published in the french magazine Le Fígaro




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The city of Bonito and the beauties of the region are reported in the travel section of the December issue of French magazine Le Figaro. The journalists - Olivier Grunewald and Bernadette Gilberta have been in some tourist attractions in the region and rely on the emotions experienced at the place.

Titled "Brésil - Comme un poisson dans les eaux de Bonito"(Brazil - Like a fish in the waters of Bonito), journalists were surprised not only by the attractions but also the adoption of the operating system of the city, known as model organizational and environmental care.

On occasion, the journalists visited the Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata, located in Jardim (MS), Estancia Mimosa Ecotourism, and the Anhumas Abyss, Blue Lake Cave, described by them as a "constellation of stalactites considered emblematic symbol of Bonito, the Brazilian capital of ecotourism. "

Check out the report !

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