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26/05/2011 - 10h16

Options for economic honeymoon




Altera o tamanho da letra

The blogger Sammia Ferreira, from Casando sem Grana (Getting married without money), has decided to propose cheap options for romantic and inexpensive honeymoon. Check the itineraries in Brazil:

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Paranapiacaba (SP)

Pousada Shamballah
Rua Rodrigues Alves, 471 - Lower Part - Vila Paranapiacaba
Located in the historic center, the hostel has something mystical is a stronghold perfect for those seeking comfort and simplicity in a three star.

Pousada Jardim das Bromelias
Avenida Campos Sales, 549 - Lower Part - Vila Paranapiacaba
Like a little house in the countryside where the scent of freshly brewed coffee spreads freely, the inn provides a deeper sense of peace and detachment of the riots.
The city, whose name, in Tupi-Guarani means "which overlooks the sea", was introduced in the mid-late 14th century to serve as an operational control center and the official residence for the employees of a British train the Railway . There are preserved buildings.

Besides the traditional rides through the historic center, including steam engine with the right driver in period costumes, and visits the house of the chief engineer, where it now runs the museum and many others, Paranapiacaba is known for its trails for all levels physical layout. The tours are accompanied by registered guides who offer security support.

Among the most famous tracks stand out track of the Crystal Lake and Smokey Falls. There are even heavier tracks, more than six hours, for those who want an more dense adventure. The reward in all of them are lush landscapes and the right to swim in crystal clear waters.

Bertioga (SP)

Through the website of the SESC, you can request your reservation in unit Bertioga. For workers registered in the trade system, there are further advantages. Accommodation includes a small pantry for anyone who wishes to prepare their own meals.
Bertioga has (besides a little trendy beach in low season) an aquatic complex system offered by the SESC in a green area of approximately 995.000m ² with complete infrastructure for leisure and affordable prices.

Beaches like Boracéia, Ensenada, Riviera de São Lourenço, Indaiá Itaguá and are great options for tours, as well as unforgettable Fort St. John Bertioga, built in 1710 and currently houses the Historical Museum John Ramalho.

Ilhabela (SP)

Suggested accommodation
Avoid hotels because they have few attractive prices. Hostels abound and most have quality above three stars. They are cozy and charming and tempting it is, if your money is short, avoid hiring honeymoon packages. The trick is to hire a lower priced packages and common everyday buying roses and champagne on the trip there.

Pousada Margarida
(12) 3892-4285

One of the most revered paulistanos territories, Ilhabela is a paradise bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and less than two hours from the capital. The weather is usually pleasant, with blue sky and water freezin cold. In this dream place, your only precaution will be perfecting their repellent against blackflies.

There are numerous options for island tours and activities. Among them are over 35 km of beaches (41 in total), 3-point plunge, registered more than 300 waterfalls, hiking trails and 17 options for those still not convinced, hiring local instructor, you can sail, surf or practice kitesurfing at fair prices.

Bonito (MS)
The name says little. Beautiful is more: where is the clearest waters gather and fish swim with the tourists a unique freedom. The city is located in the Sierra de Bodoquena, four hours from the capital (by car). Local legend says that during the war with Paraguay (1864), many Paraguayan soldiers who fought on home soil, buried gold at the foot of fig trees typical of the region. With the death of many of these fighters, the gold remains buried and discovered only by the pure of heart, guided by dreams of this city.

You can not know the famous cave of the blue lake and its mysterious color and dip the fish side in Bonita Bay, float in Rio Sucuri, resting at the feet of an amazing waterfall at Estancia Mimosa or abseiling at the Anhumas Abyss.

The ideal is to separate at least four days to enjoy all types of rides.Schedule them only in high season. Values range between $ 10-65 and include real transportation and guide. Consider walking to the rides is a mission impossible due to distances. Before traveling, check the agency hired if the transfer is actually included. If not, it`s worth renting a car or even split a taxi with other tourists.

Porto Seguro (BA)

Hosting Tips
Following in the footsteps of the city with the best prices for tourism in the Northeast, the lodging options with high quality and attractive prices are great. There are packages of five days in low season, leaving less than 500 dollars.

Aquaville Apart Hotel
Telegraph Road, 1317 - Taperapuan
(73) 3575-3899

Apart Hotel Victoria Regia
Azalea Street, DR C - Lot 14
(73) 3679-1787

Pousada Aquamarine
Ferry Road, 2340 - Arraial D`Ajuda
(73) 3575-2763
If your business is Northeast, Porto Seguro offers the best prices and tours that are not at all the other cities. The municipality of Bahia was one of the first places where the crew landed Cabral in 1500. So no need to stress the importance of knowing the historical buildings of this period, the church of Our Lady of the Rock (built in the 16th century by the donee of the captaincy) and March of Discovery, high in the city.

You can not live it up all the beaches, especially Mundaí, closer to the center and more agitated. Great tip, which is furthest from the capital, is ideal for those who want to forget the world. Already Rio dos Mangues is great for a walk unpretentious.

Virginia (MG)

Hotel Fazenda Vale Mantiqueira
Sertãozinho Farm, S / N - Virginia
(35) 3373-1900
If you have less than a thousand real and wants to spend a week of quiet far away from the bustle of the capital, you need to know Virginia. A town of just over ten thousand inhabitants in southern Minas Gerais.

Hotel Farm Valley of Mantiqueira offers a package honeymoon with 5 nights with full board, special gift and access to all leisure activities, among which the waterfall, trails and fishing.

* Calculations of packets according to CVC Turismo, in May 2011.

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