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20/06/2011 - 11h59

Book points out that Pantanal receives migratory birds from North America and Patagonia




Altera o tamanho da letra

Alessandro Pacheco Nunes, co-author of "nomadic and migratory birds that occur in the Pantanal," published in 2008 alongside the researcher Walfrido Thomas, Embrapa Pantanal, states that the Pantanal has about 580 species of birds . Of this total, about 40% are migrants.

"There are approximately 40 species that come from the northern hemisphere, between the end of the year and early spring in North America, around March. These species seek warmer temperatures," he said. In this category he places the kingfishers, swallows and some fisher eagle, among others.

There are 130 other migrant birds arriving in Patagonia in Argentina and southern Brazil, also in search of warmth. Among them, some ducks and scissors, called like this for its tail similarity. These species tend to remain in the Pantanal region between the middle of the year and month is September.

According to the ornithologist, climate change may cause changes in migratory routes, which can be worrisome from the standpoint of animal health. In recent years, avian influenza and West Nile fever circulated in the country carried by migratory birds.

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