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10/08/2011 - 11h13

Pantanal in focus - filmmakers and photographers discover the region as a movie scenery




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Pantanal is still the theme of several photographic expeditions. The environment that is renewed each rainfall and drought is an ideal stage for amateur and professional photographers aim the camera lens.

Photographers Orlando Jacques and Kiko Azevedo, made three expeditions to the region and decided to portray it in a novel angle: the air. From above, the fields flooded turn into black spots in the immense green, cattle becomes in white spots and  "show Pantanal as a living kaleidoscope, where every step in processing the images of a great Sureal master."

Photographs of "Pantanal Skin" were shown at the Winter Festival of Bonito and they demonstrate the fascination that this region causes in the spectators. Pantanal has been the subject of Brazilian novels like "Pantanal", played by folk guitarist Almir Sater.

Innumerous films have been shot , such as Caramujo Flor (Snail Flower), based on the poetic language of Manoel de Barros, The Case of Joanita, based on stories written by César Augusto Proença and in 2009,  the movie Cabeça a Prêmio (Head in the target) was filmed in farms, which was in the cast, Alice Braga and Cassio Gabus Mendes.

Recently, Ney Matogrosso shot scenes of his biography in the Rio da Prata (Silver river) in the city of Jardim. And the production of the next novel by Rede Globo, shot scenes at the newly opened Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Pond), also in Jardim.

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