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14/09/2011 - 16h48

Lagoa Misteriosa is reopened for tourist visitation




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Lagoa Misteriosa, which translates as Mysterious Lagoon, is reopened for tourist visitation since july 22. The place was closed for tourist visitation since 2005. The tourist attraction is located in Jardim, close to Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The city of Jardim is near to Bonito, one of the regions of the state most visited by tourists all over the world.




The lagoon is one of the deepest submerged caves in Brazil and impresses visitors because of its transparent waters. The tour starts with a trail through the forest until you reach the borders of the doline, with a beautiful viewpoint, from there you can access the Lagoon by descending a staircase with 179 steps. The groups are limited to only 10 visitors, always accompanied by a local guide.



At the Lagoa Misteriosa, one can practice snorkeling, scuba diving or cave diving and discover one of the most beautiful places of Mato Grosso do Sul. Come unravel the mystery and be impressed by a place unique in the world.



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