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31/10/2011 - 15h57

College of São Paulo performs tree planting to offset carbon in ecotourism destination




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Planting seedlings in the Estância Mimosa Ecoturismo - Bonito MS.
Planting seedlings in the Estância Mimosa Ecoturismo - Bonito MS.

Fun, knoweledge and hands-on. That`s how caracterizes the action that happened in IASB - Instituto das Águas da Serra da Bodoquena, developed in the 25th, 26th and 27th of October, with students of the College Albert Sabin, in Sao Paulo.



The proposal came from the Operadora Ambiental Turismo, responsible for organizing the students`t trip to the destination Bonito (MS). The company provides tourists the possibility of carbon offsets for their travel and stay in the city, with the planting of native trees, through a program Plante Bonito developed by the IABS.



After a brief speech about the projects developed by the institution IASB and an awareness of consumer awareness, the students planted 100 saplings in the stream recovery area of Corrego Itamaraty, located in the attractive Estancia Mimosa Ecoturismo.



Click here to see the photos!



Were planted pintangueiras, kapok, trumpet trees, golden trumpet - yellow, among other species that produce fruits and flowers which provide food for many animals and will synthesize carbon for growth, releasing oxygen into the environment during the day.



This activity was helped by Viveiro RPPN Cabeceira do Prata, Estância Mimosa Ecoturismo e Brigadistas do ICMBio - Parque Nacional da Serra da Bodoquena.



"This activity is within the line of the College Albert Sabin teaching: Teaching is to create opportunities. And the opportunity to plant a seedling is very important, grows within each respect for nature. What a thrill to find the name of the school board project work in 2010. Thank you! " - College Albert Sabin, Professor. Jose Roberto



"The activity developed by the IASB was very important for awareness and training of citizens. First, we planted seedlings of trees and discover the importance of reforestation. Then we started the trail and saw the secondary forests, and the rocks and caves that form behind. Everyone liked it! " - College Albert Sabin, student Raphael Belota, 9 years of elementary school.



"The planting of seedlings is a very creative idea at the same time is a fun and interesting, it helps the environment! In addition, the atmosphere is very pleasant and homemade food is a delight!" - Albert Sabin College, students Ana Beatriz, Julia S. H. and Gabriela, 9 years of primary school II.



Information Marilizi Duarte - Biologist of the IASB.

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