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30/03/2015 - 09h57

See 10 curiositys about Gruta do Lago Azul in Bonito




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One of the main attractives in Mato Grosso do Sul is the Gruta do Lago Azul, that has many histories and curiosities and has enchanted people from all around the world. Check out 10 thing you must know about it:

1. It has dimensions that make it one of the biggest flooded cavities on the planet! A 100 meters bellow the entrance you face yourself to a really blue lake.

2. To get to the lake you must go down 300 steps, the equivalent to a 12 floor building. The descent is made by a rustic ladder and has no handrail, so you must be careful.

3. The Gruta do Lago Azul is one of the most important caves in the national speleological. It was declared a Natural Monument in 1978 by IPHAN, which ensured its preservation . A crater that would fit more than 100 people have no more then 15 at a time.

4. As it is considered a postcard to Bonito, is one of the most disputed tours. Book early to make sure you`ll visit it, since there is a limit of 305 people per day divided into groups with departures at stipulated times, always with a tour guide.

5. No one really knows it`s depth, 87 meters is the most anyone has gotten, and not even where its water comes from, it is believed to have an underground river that feeds the lake.

6. The water is actually crystal clear, the bluish color is due to the sun combined with some other factors, as the location and the presence of minerals in the bottom of the lake .

7. The place is impressive not only for its size and the lakes beauty but also for the perfection of nature in the construction of stalactites and stalagmites, rock formations that typically occur in caves as a result of sedimentation and crystallization of minerals dissolved in water. The stalactites grow from the ceiling vertically and the stalagmites grow from the floor to the ceiling, which was carved for thousands of years inside the cave.

8. There has already been found a number of prehistoric animal fossils as a giant sloth and the saber toothed tiger that lived during the Pleistocene geological period (6,000 to 10,000 years ago) by a expedition of divers into the lake in 1992.

9. Two rocks there reflect in the lake the letters ‘`LA". It seems like the own nature gave it its name.

10. The visitants must wear a helmet, it is mandatory to use tennis or trail hiking sandals with rubber soles. Only children above 5 years can perform this activity.

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