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Horseback riding at Estancia Mimosa - Bonito MS - Daniel De Granville
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12/06/2015 - 09h56

Why go diving at Mato Grosso do Sul?




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João Gomes
Lagoa Misteriosa
Lagoa Misteriosa

Nature-lover and adventure-seekers should definitely visit Mato Grosso do Sul. The stat is part Savanah and part wetland - the Pantanal. Its 358,000 square kilometers are dotted with mountain ranges, headwaters, waterfalls, and with unexplored caverns and caves. It is a paradise for eco-tourism and adventure activities.

But what is truly surprising is that dispite lying in the very heartland of Brazil, many miles from the coast, Mato Grosso do Sul is one of the country`s best diving destinations. The towns of Bonito and Jardim boast the clearest waters in all of Brazil, with an enormous range of aquatic life and geographical features to attract divers, from absolute beginners to the technical level. The former can enjoy a terrific ‘`underwater cable-car ride``: wear a snorkeling mask and flippers - just relax and let the current do all the work while the awestruck diver is carried off through hidden beauties.

Cave diving experts have nothing to complain about either: Bonito/Jardim`s underwater caves are unique and unforgettable, among the finest in the world.

Soucer: Brazil Diving Guide


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