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Boat ride at Formoso River -  Bonito MS - Haroldo Palo Jr
Blue Lagoon Cave - Bonito MS Brasil - Haroldo Palo Jr
Fishes at Bonito Pacus e Piraputangas - Acervo
Nature in Brazil Fishes in Bonito - Daniel De Granville
Ant eater with baby - Haroldo Palo Jr
Horseback riding at Estancia Mimosa - Bonito MS - Daniel De Granville


29/06/2015 - 10h24
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Estancia Mimosa releases video on bird watching




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With over 250 species registered, the farm is a great place for this activity, located in a region of great environmental diversity.

To show some of those species, a new video was published at the official Estância Mimosa YouTube channel. Produced by Daniel Scalabrini the birds were seen in only one afternoon, showing the great diversity there.

Pipira-vermelha (Ramphocelus carbo), Rapazinho-do-chaco (Nystalus striatipectus), Japacanim (Donacobius atricapilla), Tiriba-fogo (Pyrrhura devillei) are some of the birds seen in the vídeo.

Check it out:



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