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04/08/2015 - 08h40

Abismo Anhumas




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The activity starts with a rappel training the day before. The training starts at 18:00 with highly trained monitors the show the visitor the equipment, safety standards and evaluate the performance of each person, so in the next day everybody are ready.
When you arrive at the abism, the team of monitors Will be waiting to give all the information and prepare the equipment. The descent happens two by two.

Arriving at the plataform inside, is done a boat ride where the visitor can take a look at the formations with thousand years like espeleotemas, estalactites and estalagmites, curtains, under water limestones and other surprises. After the boat ride the visitor get dressed in the wetsuit, snorkel and a special lantern for snorkeling in caves, favouring the visibility. In this activity is possible to do the snorkeling or scuba dive, for the the dive is necessary the credentials. During the dive is possible to reach 18 meters of depth, exploring a area the size of a soccer field. After the activity is done a brief stop for lunch and to rest and then the ascent starts.

The ascent with 72 meters happens slowly, taking approximately 25 minutes - it depends on the physical preparation of each one.

At the months of november and february, there`s incidence of the sunlight inside the cave which reflects in the lake, forming a stripe of blue light.


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