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18/08/2015 - 08h47

The Sucuri River




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The Sucuri River starts on the eastern edge of the Bodoquena Hills. The tour starts with a visit to the river spring, where you can see the water boiling out of the ground. The visitors are take to a wooden deck where they will board the support boat. After a 45 minute boat ride along the crystal clear river, the visitors can descend in the rich subaquatic flora and fauna. An unforgettable experience. For those who do not want to go snorkeling, it is possible to stay in the boat and descend the river by boat and enjoy the flora and fauna at the river margins.

Distance from downtown: 20 KM (19 KM off-road)

Duration: Half day

Time of the tour: To combine

Age: All ages

Tips: Take a swimming suit, a towel, extra clothes and sun protection. Snorkelling equipment and life jacket are provided

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