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Scuba Diving at Prata River - Marcelo Krause
Nature in Brazil Fishes in Bonito - Daniel De Granville
Dive Master - Acervo
Sinhozinho Waterfall - Estancia Mimosa -  Bonito - Daniel De Granville
Macaw - Haroldo Palo Jr
Blue Lagoon Cave - Bonito MS Brasil - Haroldo Palo Jr


10/02/2016 - 15h09

Attractions in Bonito and region are highlighted on Terra




Altera o tamanho da letra

Terra News Portal shared a list of the 100 must see sites on the five regions of Brazil. Jardim and Bonito made the list with the attractions Olho D`Água River and Blue Lake Cave.

The crystal clear waters of the river were highlighted on the piece. "The Bonito region has outstanding natural wonders such as Olho D`Água River. Fifty km from downtown Bonito, the transparent river runs to the Prata River and its numerous fish are used to the presence of humans, therefore, they can be closely observed."

"Impressive cave in Bonito region, the Blue Cave has numerous stalactite and geological formation. But it is only after a descent of 100 meters that the visitor can see the amazing view of an underground lake with blue waters", says the description.

To complete the list of national paradises of Midwest Brazil, the Pantanal (MT and MS), the Republic Museum (DF) and the Square of the Three Powers (DF). Click here and see the list.

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