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25/03/2016 - 14h20

Tourism in Bonito is mentioned on a travel blog




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Hotel Cabanas
Boia Cross at the Hotel Cabanas
Boia Cross at the Hotel Cabanas

The beauty of the attractions in Bonito and region were mentioned on the blog Viajar hei, written by Patricia Tayão. She visited the ecotourism paradise with her husband, Eduardo Freitas, and her son, Isaac Tayão.

The Natural Aquarium, Blue Lake Grotto, tree climbing at the Hotel Cabanas, snorkeling in the clear waters of Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata were some of the activities chosen by the tourists. Check out what they thought about the crystal clear waters of Rio da Prata.

"We floated down the river, impressed with its beauty, and saw huge dorado fish, piraputanga, matogrossinhos and several other fish that I cannot remember the name. Quite a scenery, and a natural one", wrote Patricia.

The family also visited another attraction in Bonito, the famous restaurant Casa do João.

Click here and check out the post. 

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