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Ecotourism and nature - Rico
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Sinhozinho Waterfall - Estancia Mimosa -  Bonito - Daniel De Granville


29/04/2016 - 16h32

Website publishes an article about Bonito




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Challenging your Dreams
Gruta do Lago Azul
Gruta do Lago Azul

Rivers, lakes and breath taking landscapes make Bonito the capital for ecotourism in Brazil. The search for nature`s conservation and ecotourism promotion helped the destination become known abroad.

This time, the website Jornal de Jundiaí has published a piece about Bonito, with tips for tourists.

The famous Gruta do Lago Azul, trails and waterfalls are some of the options for different types of tourists.

"The city of Bonito, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, is a must-go destination for those who love nature and want to enjoy it during vacations and holidays. Saying Bonito (beautiful in Portuguese) lives up for its name is no cliche.

Click here and check out the article.

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