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30/04/2016 - 10h00

Rio da Prata is one of the 10 spots with the clearest waters in the world




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Marcio Cabral
Rio da Prata
Rio da Prata

The website Thrillist included Rio da Prata, attraction located in Jardim (MS), as one of the "10 spots with the clearest waters in the world".

And why is it so clear? Well, the main reason is the high concentration of underground limestone that acts as a natural filter.

"The Rio da Prata is one of the clearest, allowing snorkelers to easily spot the shimmering scales of golden Dorados (otherwise known as delicious mahi-mahi) and yellow-finned Piraputangas swimming next to them", says the description.

Thrillist is a men`s lifestyle brand that keeps readers up-to-date with new food, nightlife, gadgets and travel. Click here and check out the complete list.

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