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15/09/2009 - 17h30

Diving in Mato Grosso do Sul




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Marcelo Krause
Lagoa Misteriosa.
Lagoa Misteriosa.

Mato Grosso do Sul is one of the country`s best diving destinations. The towns of Bonito and Jardim boast the clearest waters in all of brazil, with enormous range of aquatic life and geographical features to attract divers, from absolute beginners to the technical level.

Cave diving experts have nothing to complain about either: Bonito and Jardim`s underwater caves are unique and unforgettable among the finest in the world.

Bonito / Jardim

Snorkelling is one of Bonito / Jardim`s major attractions. The best thing is to go with the flow along the riverbeds, observing the underwater fauna and flora, pretending to be a part of this fabulous ecosystem.

Kids love this. Grownups do too. Even the most experienced divers are thrilled by the experience. Such good caverns await cave divers that Bonito best cave diving destinationon the planet.

Lagoa Misteriosa

This skinhole forms a lake with crystal-clear waters. Seventeen meters down, two skinholes open, each ten meters across, descending vertically to over 240 meters. The water is so transparent that from thirty meters below the surface, the diver can look up and see the trees surrounding the lake. Acess to this beautiful site is along a sloping trail some seventy meters in length.

Olho d`água e Rio da Prata

A large crystal-clear lake that is a habitat for piraputangas, huge dorados,, pintados and corimbás. Unbelievably transparent. A stream flows toward the Rio da Prata, where care must be taken with the descent. You have to clamber over tree trunks, and there is also a waterfall to be negotiated, in order to continue the dive lower down, where there is a huge spring in the middle of the river. The descent takes over one hour and is one of the region`s most beautiful trips.

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Source: Brazil Nature

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