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Piau at Prata River - Ismael Escote
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A small crack in a rock is what you see upon your arrival at the Anhumas Abyss. This fissure, however, conceals a depth that must be entered by a unique way: a rappel of 72 meters, the equivalent to a 30 floors building. As the rappelling starts, a huge cave is discovered - with the dimensions of a soccer field. The cave has magnificent rock formations and a beautiful lake of crystalline waters on its bottom, which can be exploited by snorkeling or scuba diving (upon presentation of diving certications), reaching depths of up to 18 meters. Cones of limestone fill the lake, reaching 20 meters in height. The Anhumas Abyss is located 23 km from Bonito, MS, in the Anhumas Valley, which is also the location of the Blue Lagoon Cave.


anhumas abyss anhumas abyss bonito ms anhumas abyss bonito brazil

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