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Fishes at Bonito Pacus e Piraputangas - Acervo
Boat ride at Formoso River -  Bonito MS - Haroldo Palo Jr
Sinhozinho Waterfall - Estancia Mimosa -  Bonito - Daniel De Granville
Dive Master - Acervo
Jaguar - Haroldo Palo Jr
Blue Lagoon Cave - Bonito MS Brasil - Haroldo Palo Jr



Taboa - the famous alcoholic beverage results from a peculiar mixture: cachaça, honey, cinnamon, guarana powder and other natural herbs. The factory where Taboa is produced is now a part of the touristic-cultural itinerary of Bonito. The mixture of the ingredients, the decoration of the bottles with taboa grass fiber, a boutique with exclusive products, plus the history of the bar and beverage, known all over Brazil, are the attractions of the factory. During the visit, the tourist can meet the pond where the Taboa grass is planted, smell the herbs used in the mixture, see the process of assembling the straw coated bottles, the labeling and bottling, and finally taste the delicious Taboa beverage. Taboa, tradition and charm from Bonito spread throughout Brazil!

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