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Vulcano Spring at Rio da Prata - Marcelo Krause
Scuba Diving at Prata River - Marcelo Krause
Jaguar - Haroldo Palo Jr
Dorado Fish at Bonito, Brazil - Luciano Candisani
Fishes at Bonito Pacus e Piraputangas - Acervo
Horseback riding at Estancia Mimosa - Bonito MS - Daniel De Granville

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turma em bonito
bonito e muito maravilhoso eita lugar bommmmmmmmm
rosane alves - vendedora
rio brilhante / brasil

It's hard to describe the sensation; it's like being inside the aquarium at your dentist's office, only there are no dentists around, just fish. Big fish. Rare fish. Gold fish. The snorkeling lasted about 2 hours and I was only able to leave the river by convincing myself that I would come back again, and of course, by thinking about the all-you-can-eat lunch that was awaiting me.
Mackenzie - Student
Provo / USA

Amazing Rio da Prata
Fishes at Rio da Prata! Simply amazing!
Carla Layane - jornalismo
campo grande / brasil

Fishes at Rio da Prata
Amazing trip! Worth coming back!
Edgar Tavares - Analista

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